About Home Depot LG Rebate

About Home Depot LG Rebate – At the beginning of the year 2022, LG introduced a number of unique rebate schemes. Participating stores are the only places where you can buy LG products, and that goes for all of them. If you want to avoid paying full price for an LG product, you first need to check to see if your country is one of those that is exempt.

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About Home Depot LG Rebate

About Home Depot LG Rebate

Appliances grouped together in packages

The LG Appliance Bundle Savings Offer provides consumers with discounts ranging from 5% to 10% off of the purchase price (before taxes) of qualifying LG Vacuum, Laundry, Kitchen, Air Care, and LG Styler appliances when those appliances are bought in particular combinations. Consumers may take advantage of this cash-back rebate offer on their purchases up to March 2, 2022.

Signature Packages of Home Electronics and Home Appliances

Customers are required to purchase a minimum of two and no more than four qualified LG Signature series appliances in order to qualify for the huge discount offered by LG for their Signature Appliance Bundle. There is a significant financial risk involved, but the potential returns are as high as $2,500.00. A further limitation is that the deal is only valid until March 31, 2022.

Rebate for the Power Pair Discount Program

Customers may earn this more modest refund by combining a qualifying LG Slide-In or Double Over Range product with their Over the Range Microwave Oven and submitting it for the Power Pair rebate. Customers can also obtain this rebate just by submitting the Over the Range Microwave Oven rebate. You’ll earn $200 if you purchase by March 2, 2022.

The Studio Kitchen Bundle

To be eligible for the significant refund of $1,000 that comes with the LG Studio Kitchen Bundle, you need to make a qualified purchase of at least four LG Studio Appliance goods before April 6, 2022, from a merchant that is taking part in the promotion.

Cleanup Bundle Rebates

Through February 9th, 2022, consumers may take advantage of the LG Cleanup Bundle. Customers were required to buy approved laundry appliances and floor care goods in order to qualify for the maximum refund value of $700. The rebate amount varied depending on the type of vacuum that was bought, ranging from $500 to $600 to $700 for the A905RM, A907GMS, and A927KVMS (respectively).

How are rebates really sent to customers?

All of these refunds are given out in the form of prepaid Visa cards instead of cash. Make sure that you don’t let the funds expire (this is a regular practice with rebate offers from major brands), and make sure to utilize the prepaid card within the next year. The small print of the rebate offer for these LG products specifies that the terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. This is a standard clause for rebates.

About Home Depot LG Rebate

Please read the following terms and conditions:

End-user consumer purchasers who make a qualifying purchase of two or more new qualifying LG STUDIO Appliance products at a participating retailer in the fifty states of the United States, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico during the Program Period (which will be defined below) will be eligible to claim a manufacturer’s rebate incentive in the form of a digital or physical Visa prepaid card, subject to the terms and conditions of the offer.

as well as the following terms and conditions. In the context of this particular marketing campaign, the phrase “bundle of eligible new LG STUDIO Appliance goods” refers to all brand-new appliances that are still in their original packaging. Open-box products

These terms and conditions do not apply to display units or countertop microwave ovens. The acceptance of this offer is contingent on there being available inventory. Products that are a part of the WashTowerTM (a combination of a washer and dryer) will be counted as two (2).

The following terms and conditions

units that count in a bundle that qualifies for the discount. One item per category is the maximum that may be eligible for a refund at one time (1).

This particular special offer is restricted to one LG Visa Prepaid Card per household, unless there are other circumstances in which the law requires more than one card. Appliances included in qualifying new LG STUDIO bundles must be in good working order.

acquired between April 7, 2022 and December 31, 2022 (the “Program Period”) in order to be eligible to earn a reimbursement of up to $1,500. The receipt is the primary source of information on the date of purchase.

It is required that the purchase of eligible new LG STUDIO Appliance goods be made within the Program Period and appear on the same sales receipt.

Online claim forms may be found at www.LG-Promos.com/LGSTUDIO422 and can be filled out and submitted by customers to LG Electronics USA, Inc.

The following items are required as evidence of purchase from customers, which should be uploaded and submitted:

(1) the original, dated sales receipt for eligible items purchased from participating stores between April 7, 2022 and December 31, 2022; and

(2) You must supply genuine manufacturer’s serial numbers and submit photos of every product that you have bought. For a list of stores participating in the promotion, please visit https://lg-promos.com/.

About Home Depot LG Rebate- Who Qualifies for LG’s Discounts and Rebates?

You may find a list of the stores and goods that are eligible for each rebate offer, as well as the stores and products that are participating in the offer, in the PDFs that are linked in the table below. The easiest approach to ensure that you acquire the appropriate LG items and that you do so from shops that are taking part in the LG rebate offers is to do so using this method. It is possible to make a purchase in each of the fifty states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

There are a number of retail establishments that, in general, are not qualified to receive the rebates that LG is now offering.

These establishments include the following:

Home Depot (for more information on the Home Depot rebate program provided by DoNotPay),

Best Buy

RC Willey is the retailer in question.




Appliances are manufactured by Boyle.

Appliance Factory and Mattress Kingdom are the names of these businesses.

Stores of the Navy Exchange

About Home Depot LG Rebate

About Home Depot LG Rebate – Lowe’s

If you want to take advantage of these 2022 LG rebate offers, you must make sure that you do not purchase any rebate-eligible LG items from the retailers that have been listed above. Additionally, merchants are not permitted to provide these rebates as an incentive for other discounts that the retailer may be offering on their own without LG’s knowledge or cooperation. This restriction applies even if the store is promoting the other deals in conjunction with another promotion.

The rebates are not available for goods that are given away for free or that are part of a promotional giveaway, nor are they offered for refurbished or reconditioned home appliances. Aside from all of these factors, you are good to go if you have bought the items that are eligible for the refund and submitted your claim within the specified amount of time (which we will describe in more detail below).

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