Here About Home Depot Paint Rebates

Here About Home Depot Paint Rebates – You no longer have an excuse for not completing that painting job since you now have the ability to do it the thrifty way. Have you been putting off finishing any painting jobs that you need to get started on? The good news is that Home Depot is now running a rebate promotion on paint! If you buy paint between January 14 and January 18, you are eligible to submit a reimbursement request.

You will get a refund of $5 when you buy one gallon, and a refund of $20 when you buy five gallons (which takes care of both the small and big projects). Paints like Behr, Ralph Lauren, Glidden, and Freshaire Choice are eligible for the refund discount.

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Here About Home Depot Paint Rebates

Here About Home Depot Paint Rebates

I Love Home Depot Paint Rebates

My feelings about The Home Depot may be best described as conflicted. On the one hand, they provide an impressive assortment of home improvement equipment, tools, and supplies at rates that are in line with the industry standard. On the other hand, since each department only has two workers at any one time, it might be difficult to acquire answers to your queries because one of the employees is often a young person who is unable to provide accurate information. I should know since I was once that ignorant child who mismatched paint until my orange apron had every hue of the rainbow scattered on it. It wasn’t that long ago.

Invest in Paint During the Holiday Weekends

Because I used to work in the paint department, I am well acquainted with the seasons in which Behr paint goes on sale.

The important dates to keep in mind are any three-day weekend that falls on a national holiday, particularly between the months of April and October.

So keep in mind holidays such as Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

There will be a discount of $5 per gallon on paint, as well as $25 off a bucket that holds 5 gallons.

Sometimes in order to obtain the discount, you will have to send in a rebate, and other times you will get it automatically when you check out.

If you are going to make a significant purchase of paint, you may save a significant amount of money on the transaction if you time it so that it coincides with one of these holiday weekends.

Keeping an eye on the money is important.

This particular example is taken from the post that I wrote on deciphering price tags. Pay close attention to the exact pennies shown on the price tag at Home Depot.

 the item’s final price is $.06, it indicates that the product is being cleared out and will have its price reduced once more in a period of six weeks.

the price drops to.03 cents, it is the last possible discount, and the item will be removed from the warehouse in three weeks if it has not been sold.

you shop for anything with prices that end in.06 or.03, you may be certain that you will pay a modest price.

Here About Home Depot Paint Rebates

Home Depot Paint Sale

If you purchase one gallon of paint or stain, you will get a $10 prepaid MasterCard; if you buy three or five five-gallon buckets, you will receive a $40 prepaid MasterCard.

Some of the brands that are carried are as follows: BEHR Marquee, BEHR Premium Plus Ultra, BEHR Premium Plus Interior and Exterior Paints, BEHR Quick Dry(R), PPG Specialty Finishes, PPG Timeless Paints, PPG Diamond, Olympic Maximum and Elite Stains, Preserva Wood Stain & Sealer, Glidden HydroResist, Glidden Premium Interior and Exterior Paints, Glidden Diamond Interior Paint, Glidden Porch and Floor, Flood

This deal may be redeemed both in-store and on the website. Only rebate applications submitted by mail will be accepted for purchases made online. If you make your purchase in a physical shop, you may either go to this link and enter your information online or utilize the rebate form that can be sent in.

Here About Home Depot Paint Rebates

Awesome Rebate Offer on Paint from Lowe’s or Home Depot!!!

I cannot express how ecstatic I am to learn that this offer is returning! We have been able to buy paint for our never-ending fixer-upper house on a semi-regular basis during the last several months. You will get a gift card for Mastercard worth $10 back for every gallon of paint purchased; or a gift card for Home Depot worth $40 for every 5-gallon bucket of paint purchased; or a gift card for Lowe’s for either $15 or $45 (limit 25 gallons from each store). This offer is valid until 9/4 at Lowe’s and extends through 9/8 at Home Depot.

It covers both interior and exterior paint, as well as stains. To get your reimbursement, either make your purchase in-store or online, and then fill out the rebate form by October 4th. Because there is such a wide selection of brands to pick from, the cost is much reduced; as a result, we are able to paint a new portion of the home whenever a refund becomes available. Please click the picture below to locate your paint, and then mail in the rebate form that you obtained from either Home Depot or Lowe’s

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